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Xiaomi Xiaoai Speaker Pro – Black
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Xiaomi Xiaomi Speaker Pro – Black

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The enormous sound chamber and the power force save make a preferred bass impact over ever previously. Medium and high recurrence clear, low-recurrence surge. Bring your better listening experience. Traditional sound cone plan in a similar vein, Get the best feeling of hearing at any point.

– 118mm container-like speakers can offer ground-breaking bass, 750 ml high stable limit.
– 360 degrees show like audio effect
– Louder Volume More Bass: sans distortion at most extreme volume; room filling sound, ideal for home, quarters, kitchen, restroom, vehicle, parties
– APP Control: Xiaomi speaker ace can handle brilliant and customary electrical apparatuses by APP, you can handle the cooling out and about.
– Great music library, you can appreciate excellent music any time.
– Hi-Fi sound preparing chip TAS5805, can ensure great sound quality and change 15 band sound equilibrium.
– AUX IN interface, you can play music straightforwardly from your mobile phone or PC through BT association.

-Brand: Xiaomi
-Product naam: Xiaomi Speaker Pro
-Loudspeaker: 2.25 inch
-Infrared control: support
-Interface: 3.5mm audio interface
-Supported systeem: Android 4.4 and above ios 9.0
-WiFi: 2.4 GHz/5 GHz, IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n support

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